What the US, Canada and Mexico Want from a New NAFTA

Raymond Sullivan

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This webinar will discuss the issues involved in North American trade, the areas and industries that NAFTA negotiations will likely affect and how you can ready your business for a potential impact.

Why Should You Attend:

Anyone engaged in trade or commerce in any of the three NAFTA countries must be cognizant of any changes to the existing agreement, but also to anticipate where the parties are going with the rhetorical posturing. Since the NAFTA Agreement involves more than just duty reduction principles and criteria; transportation and logistical impacts must be monitored.

Learning Objectives:

  • Awareness of the issues involved in North American trade
  • Identifying the likely areas of change as a result of NAFTA negotiations
  • Where are your potential vulnerabilities?
  • What action can be taken now
  • Testing your own readiness for potential impact
  • Industry specific issues

Areas Covered in the Webinar:

  • US call for negotiations
  • US posturing and goals
  • What will the US “settle for” in the way of some concessions?
  • Mexico position
  • What is Mexico prepared to give?
  • Canada position
  • What is Canada prepared to give?
  • Specific issues of particular importance

Who Will Benefit:

Importers, exporters and in-house compliance professionals.for companies engaged in North American trade. Trade facilitation providers, trade attorneys, customs brokers, consultants and advisors to importers/exporters.

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Speaker: Raymond Sullivan,

With more than 30 years of practice in Customs law, international trade regulation and export control law, Mr. Sullivan has extensive experience in conducting compliance audits and investigations and has formulated compliance plans that incorporate Foreign Corrupt Practices Act compliance issues; and both import and export transactional issues for global and multinational clients. Mr. Sullivan's practice encompasses customs penalties, seizures and other enforcement activities as well as classification and valuation of imported merchandise, including litigation of these issues in the U.S. Court of International Trade. He represents clients in pre-audit reviews, audits and compliance assessments by the U.S. Customs Service. Mr. Sullivan regularly conducts evaluations of importer's entry systems and U.S. Customs clearance and duty payment processes with a focus on Customs duty assessment laws and effective duty savings within the Customs regulatory framework, and global, regional and bilateral trade preference agreements. Mr. Sullivan has represented many clients engaged in global trade with multiple cross-border transactional issues; and, clients with multinational manufacturing facilities. He has represented clients in the establishment of foreign trade zone assembly operations, including Foreign Trade Zone Board approvals establishing the zone operation, and subsequent modifications to the zone facility. Additionally, he has represented clients establishing import operations in the U.S. and facilitated exporters to the U.S. in becoming U.S. importers of record while not being physically located in the U.S. Mr. Sullivan has been actively engaged with importers and exporters in issues related to homeland security measures, both those measures required by regulatory authorities, as well as engaging in pro-active business practices to facilitate efficient and compliant logistical management designed to anticipate potential problems and to provide solutions combining legal compliance and sound business acumen. His practice also includes export trade regulatory matters, including the export licensing process involving sensitive materials and destinations. Mr. Sullivan has drafted and implemented comprehensive export compliance plans with an emphasis on compliance with U.S. government sanctions, as administered by the Office of Foreign Assets Control, against countries, and entities and individuals, as well as their integration and overlap with anti-money laundering measures required by the Patriot Act. He has also secured Commerce and State Department approvals and OFAC licenses on behalf of clients for various cutting edge technologies, specifically in the area of encryption. Before entering private practice, Mr. Sullivan worked for the U.S. Customs Service as an Import Specialist and Special Agent engaged in criminal and civil customs fraud and revenue enforcement investigations.

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