What Is An ISF, Why Is It Needed?

Charles Jacque

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This webinar will teach the individual about the functioning use and necessity of the ISF to meet compliance rules and regulations that have been enhanced to meet our ever-changing security needs for our imports.

Why Should You Attend:

Do you know the penalty for not filing an ISF for the first time?

Do you know that an ISF must meet certain requirements before filing?

Do you have a company that can mediate for you with CBP when your ISF is not filed on time or correctly?

Who is responsible for filing your ISF? The broker or someone in your company using external software?

The concept of the webinar is to help you to understand your role in keeping your company compliant in this fast-changing world of security for our cargo. You will leave with a better understanding of what happens on both the shipper, the carrier and the consignee end of a shipment.

This webinar helps you to avoid fines and penalties from CBP for non-compliance.

Teaches you how to treat the cargo that has no ISF filing.

Teaches you about the 10+2 requirements.

Areas Covered in the Webinar:

  • What is an ISF
  • Who is responsible for filing the ISF?
  • When must the ISF be filed?
  • What mode of service is it applicable to and why?
  • What part of the 10+2 should be filled out by the exporter/importer?
  • What part of the 10+2 should be filled out by the shipping line?

Who Will Benefit:

Shippers, importers, logistics manager, import manager, supply chain manager, supply chain, logistics specialist, logistics coordinator, shipping and rec

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Speaker: Charles Jacque,

Global Supply Chain and Trade Compliance professional. Results oriented with proven capacity to effectively direct and collaborate with all levels to achieve corporate goals. Global experience in meeting corporate strategic objectives while leading and motivating staff to achieve personal and team goals. Applied knowledge of US Customs regulations, EAR and Hazmat regulations.

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