Is the Concurrent Delay Defense Really A "Get Out of Jail Free" Card?

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This webinar training will explain the issues concerning the pricing of contractor delay damages. Contractors will gain knowledge about the various methods of calculating extended field office overhead costs. Owners will learn some contractual methods for predetermining this element of delay costs in order to prevent the need for end of the job audits or disputes over such costs.

Why Should You Attend:

When owners impose liquidated damages at the end of a delayed project, contractors often respond with allegations of concurrent delay. That is, contractors argue that some or all of the project delay was actually caused either by the owner or an external force, concurrent with the contractor’s delays, and therefore liquidated damages should be forgiven or excused. As owners generally do not impose liquidated damages until the end of the project, frequently a contractor’s claim of concurrent delay is not submitted until the project is complete.

This webinar explores mechanisms, based on recent court rulings that owners employ to defeat a contractor’s “concurrent delay defense”.

Learning objectives:

  • Learn what concurrent delay is.
  • Understand the history of today’s concurrent delay doctrine in U.S. law.
  • Learn about the “concurrent delay defense” against the imposition of late completion damages common in the construction industry.
  • Understand how two recent court cases give direction to owner defenses against the concurrent delay defense.
  • Be exposed to some practical advice for both owners and contractors when dealing with the issue of concurrent delay.
  • Owners will gain insight into the issue of the contractor’s obligation to mitigate damages in the event of owner caused delay.

Areas Covered in the Webinar:

  • Define the term concurrent delay;
  • Understand the background of today’s concurrent delay doctrine in U.S. law;
  • Learn about the traditional concurrent delay defense common in the industry;
  • Be aware of two recent court cases – one Federal and the other State – that provide owners some new defenses against the concurrent delay defense; and
  • Receive practical advice for both owners and contractors when dealing with the issue of concurrent delay and liquidated damages.

Who Will Benefit:

  • General Contractors
  • Owners and their representatives
  • Design professionals
  • Construction managers
  • Attorneys
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