MS Excel: Advanced Pivot Tables for Superior Data Analytics

Mike Thomas

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Pivot Tables are one of the most powerful tools in Excel’s arsenal of data analytics. With just a few clicks, and no complicated formulas or macros, you can quickly and easily build incredibly informative reports, charts and dashboards. In this webinar, you’ll learn Pivot Table techniques that will instantly filter, summarize and analyze huge amounts of raw data. You will learn to use advanced Pivot Table techniques to rapidly produce critical information that will highlight the algorithms and trends buried in reams of data.

Why Should You Attend:

Learn to push the boundaries of Pivot Table analytic techniques in this highly informative webinar. The webinar instructor will clearly explain and illustrate over forty advanced pivot table techniques that unlock the keys to rapid, insightful superior data analytics.

For the trained, knowledgeable user, Pivot Tables allow quick exploration and analysis of raw data. This advanced analysis reveals meaningful insight and rends otherwise lost in tens of thousands of rows of data.

Attendees will learn:

  • How to create reports that instantly display running totals, percent of totals, month-on-month differences, and much more.
  • Advanced Pivot Table sorting, filtering, and calculation techniques.
  • How to integrate conditional formatting with Pivot Tables to automatically highlight critical information.
  • To rapidly create custom calculations and several techniques to conveniently custom group data in a Pivot Table.
  • How to create a single Pivot Table from multiple worksheets or data sources using the Pivot Table Data Model. This is the start of ‘Big Data’ analysis.

Learning Objectives:

  • Effective Database Structure
  • Dynamic Table Design, Layouts, and Style Options to Optimize Analytics
  • Sophisticated Sorting, Filtering, and Grouping Techniques for Analytics
  • Combine Slicers and Filters for Instant, Complex Analytics
  • Calculated Fields and Values for Flexible, Customized Analytics
  • Pivot Charts, Slicers, and Timelines Used With Other Filtering Tools
  • Introduction to Interactive Dashboards
  • Introduction to ‘Big Data’ – Using the Pivot Table Data Model to Create a Pivot Table from Several Worksheets or External Data Sources

Areas Covered in the Webinar:

  • Structuring Your Source Data
  • Rapidly Inserting Your First PivotTable
  • Navigating the Field List
  • Manipulating PivotTable Views
  • PivotTable Options Using Analyze and Design
  • Quickly Moving or Copying Pivot Tables
  • Automatically Managing Dynamic, Growing Source Data
  • Refreshing and Updating Data (Critical)
  • Number Formatting Including Custom Number Formats
  • Rapidly and Automatically Formatting Empty Cells To Avoid Problems

Who Will Benefit:

  • Financial professionals including: CPAs, CFOs, controllers, auditors, accounting staff, budgeting officers, budgeting staff, and financial analysts
  • Management, sales, HR and administrative professionals, who use Excel regularly and analyze or prepare reports
  • IT professionals who need a clear view of Excel Pivot Table capabilities (SQL)
  • Engineers, statisticians and others who work with Quantitative Methodologies (QM)
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Speaker: Mike Thomas , IT Training Specialist, The Excel Trainer

Mike Thomas has worked in the IT training business since 1989. He is a subject matter expert in a range of technologies including Microsoft Office and Apple Mac. In 2012, he founded where he has produced nearly 200 written and video-based Excel tutorials. He has recorded several Excel training courses for and in his career delivered hundreds of courses and webinars on a variety of Excel topics.

Mr. Thomas is a Fellow of The Learning and Performance Institute and has worked with and for a large number of global and UK-based companies and organizations across a diverse range of sectors. In addition to training, he also designs and develops Microsoft Office-based solutions that automate key business tasks and processes.

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