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The GMP: Microbiology In the Workplace training program offers a comprehensive overview of microbiology in the workplace, as it relates to current good manufacturing practices. The syllabus of this course includes a high-level introduction, and sections on bacteria and fungi, growth of micro-organisms, micro-organism control, and concludes with a summary of the information provided. Once all course requirements have been satisfied, you will: 1) immediately receive a Certificate of Completion, and 2) have been introduced to GMP guidelines, as they apply to microbiology techniques, and how they relate to the required skills and knowledge needed to effectively contribute to your organization.


·         Identify common types of micro-organisms.

·         Identify potential sources of microbiological contamination.

·         Describe the potential effects of micro-organisms on materials, products and consumers.

·         State basic good hygiene practices.

·         List work practices which help prevent microbiological contamination.

Why should you attend:

In a cGMP regulated industry, many of the problems that can occur are related to microorganism being introduced.  Personnel in this industry are the biggest contributor to the microbes introduced into the manufacturing environment.  This webinar provides a high-level understanding of how to these microbes get in and how to prevent further contamination.



·         Welcome

·         What do you think?

·         GMP solution

·         Objectives

·         Reviews and assessments


·         GMP solution

·         Overview

·         Roles of bacteria and fungi

·         Basic classification of bacteria


·         GMP solution

·         Overview

·         Physical environment

·         How bacteria grow

·         How fast can bacteria multiply?

·         How bacteria die

·         Review



·         GMP solution

·         Objectionable organisms

·         Minimizing microbes

·         Microbial control issues

·         Starting materials control

·         Control of equipment

·         Control of water

·         What do you think?

·         GMP solution

·         Control of environment

·         Personal hygiene

·         Some GMP citations

·         CONCLUSION & Summary


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Speaker: Carl Patterson,

Carl Patterson is a seasoned Pharmaceutical Manufacturing, Aseptic Processing, and Quality Assurance professional who is based in San Diego, California. As soon as he discovered the importance of biotechnology in the area, he was inspired to enter the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry. However, his avid interest in biology, microbiology, and biochemistry officially began when he served in the U.S. Army as a Preventative Medicine Specialist and a Licensed Vocational Nurse.

To date, Carl has now garnered over two decades’ worth of extensive hands-on expertise. Currently, he is the Chief Consultant of his very own consultant business called, where he specializes in the aseptic processing of pharmaceutical products in the pharmaceutical manufacturing sector.

Furthermore, Carl holds various degrees and certifications, including an M.S. in Biomedical Quality Systems from San Diego State University, a B.S. in Microbiology from the University of Texas, and Specialized Certificates in QA/QC & Biotechnology from UCSD.

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