2 Day Virtual Seminar - Medical Device Risk Management: Implementing ISO 14971:2019

May 26, 2021 - 11:00 AM EDT
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Duration: 8Hrs (4Hrs./Day)  + Breaks          

No of modules: 4 modules (2 Modules/Day)


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Risk management is just plain hard — complicated, conflicted, confusing. And it’s getting harder.

ISO 14971 is being revised. The new standard adds new definitions… changes the clause numbering… introduces new requirements… changes many of the annexes and moves them to a new document.

And at the same time the EU is in transition to new regulations. There are new concepts… new risk reduction requirements… and new applications. Two areas of impact are side effects (residual risk) and benefit-risk analysis as a life-cycle requirement.

Are you prepared for these changes? Have you worked on risk analysis and evaluation with your team? Are your risk management files and plans up-to-date?

This Medical Device Risk Management virtual workshop on Dec  2020 will cover everything you need to implement an efficient and effective risk management system. Through expert advice, you’ll gain a basic understanding of medical device regulations, discover how ISO 14971:2019 will impact your procedures and work to identify gaps in your implementation plans.

Your risk management guide, the speaker, will share tips on how to define acceptable risk, create a risk management plan, and complete an overall residual risk evaluation. He’ll also share how these requirements connect to the EU-MDR and what organizations need to do to match the two standards.

Part of the 8 hour course will include covering the changes to ISO 14971. The third edition of the standard from 2019 differs from the 2007 edition not only by a new chapter structure, but also by focus on the benefit-risk ratio.  The concept of (medical) benefit is now defined. In addition, there is a stronger focus on the "information from the production and the downstream phases".  Since some explanations or appendices from the previous standard are in ISO / TR 24971:2019, ISO / TR 24971:2019 will also be referred to in the class

Virtual conference takeaways:

·         Basic medical device regulations and standards

·         Risk management files and plans

·         Acceptable risk definitions and the risk matrix

·         Risk analysis, evaluation and control

·         Residual risk evaluation

·         Risk management review

·         Production and post-production requirements

·         EU-MDR adjustments and expectations

·         ISO 14971:2019 implementation and process standards

·         Annex I risk-specific requirements

Implementing ISO-14971:2019 will require a careful look at your current risk management systems and a deep understanding of where they need to go. Let us help make that process simpler and more successful.

Join us for this virtual workshop by registering today.

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