Chemical Management Tips for COVID-19 and beyond

Deidre Tate

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The ongoing global pandemic involving the novel coronavirus SARS CoV-2 that causes COVID-19 is creating an urgent need for disinfectant usage. However, the increased scale of disinfectant usage, coupled with the introduction of many new cleaning products to the workplace, creates new chemical management challenges. We need to keep up with our responsibilities under OSHA’s HazCom Standard and avoid mixture of incompatible chemicals to avoid creating additional risks for our workers. Existing weaknesses in our chemical management practices can become more serious during times like these. Fortunately, better use of HazCom info such as Section 7 of SDSs can help us more safely manage all chemicals in our inventory during COVID-19 and beyond.

In this presentation, you will learn about:

·Chemical management challenges during COVID-19 and "return to work" activities

·Reasons why some chemicals not previously subject to the HazCom Standard may be covered now due to increased chemical usage

·Common types of incompatible chemical mixtures, the types of reactions involved, and how to prevent them

·How to leverage information in Section 7 of an SDS to improve safe chemical storage and usage practices

·How ingredient indexing and other modern EHS software tools can help

Learn how to tackle new chemical management challenges during COVID-19 and beyond!

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Speaker: Deidre Tate,

Ms. Tate is a Project Director at Pinnacle Enterprise Group and has brought over two decades of experience in the design and execution of environmental, health, safety and regulatory compliance programs to Pinnacle. Prior to joining Pinnacle she enjoyed leadership roles at the corporate, divisional and facility levels. Specifically, Deidre has transformed underperforming safety cultures and environmental compliance programs for multinational companies within Automotive, Chemical, Oil & Gas and Pharmaceutical Manufacturing. Deidre is an experienced Process Safety Specialist and has conducted over 100 audits domestically and internationally as a lead auditor. She has also successfully implemented PSM/RMP, Responsible Care, VPP and CFATS at multiple facilities. Deidre served three consecutive appointments by the Dept. of Homeland Security to the U.S. Coast Guard Chemical Transportation Committee and two terms on the Board of Environmental Studies at Elon University. As part of the Pinnacle team, Deidre applies her EHS subject matter expertise to compliance auditing, program development and helping clients achieve ISO 14001, RC 14001 and VPP certifications. Deidre holds a B.S. from Michigan State University and has completed post graduate studies in the College of Chemical Engineering at Wayne State University.

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