Social Media As A Recruiting tool: Strategies for Using Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin

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Social media has changed the way people look for and find out about employment opportunities. No longer can you simply place an ad in the newspaper and get all of the qualified candidates you need for every open position. 

Now, competition for qualified candidates is intense, and the key to virtually any a successful recruiting effort must involve social networking strategies and activities. This is true whether you work for a huge corporation or a small business with only a few employees. 

It's a simple fact that if you want to get great candidates to want to work for your organization, social media needs to be a key component of your recruitment strategies.

Course Objective

This training session covers several key options for incorporating Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn into your recruitment efforts to meet your hiring needs.

Participants will gain insight into practical examples of recruitment messages for use on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, as well as best practices for coordinating social media recruitment messages with your other recruiting efforts.

Course Outline

  • How social media impacts recruiting
  • Key benefits of social recruiting
  • How to incorporate social recruiting into your staffing plan
  • Establishing internal responsibilities for social recruiting
  • Guidelines for social media recruitment-focused content
  • Selecting the right social media sources
  • LinkedIn social recruiting tips and techniques
  • Facebook social recruiting tips and techniques
  • Twitter social recruiting tips and techniques
  • Importance of responsiveness in social recruiting
  • Options for expanding your social recruiting efforts 

Target Audience

  • HR professionals
  • Recruiters
  • Talent acquisition professionals
  • Business owners
  • Managers involved in recruiting
  • Marketing/PR professionals involved in recruiting
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