Piercings, Tattoos and More: Dress Codes for The Workplace - Legally Compliant Policies and Guidelines

Marna Hayden

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Establishing a Dress Code for your business today is not as simple as it once was. Before deciding on a formal dress code or updating your current one, the reasons and benefits should be explored so that your decisions can promote a professional, safe and comfortable environment that reflects your culture in a positive manner. 

This webinar covers current trends in Company dress codes and the corporate culture changes in the workplace of today. It will help you determine if your dress code is still appropriate, needs updating and makes sense for your customers, employees and for your organization and industry. 

We will also cover your reasons and rights as an employer to establish a dress code in your workplace and considerations how and when to accommodate cultural, religious and generational preferences. We will discuss how to establish clear guidelines for employees, the reasons behind decisions for dress and how to be comfortable, yet professional.

Course Objective:

  • To give information to develop a dress code that is appropriate to your business and corporate culture
  • To offer guidelines in designing and writing a dress code 
  • To share best ways to communicate your dress policy 
  • To address dress guidelines in interviewing and selection of employees and communicate your policy prior to hire
  • To assure your policy is nondiscriminatory and determine when you should make accommodations 
  • To comply with special exceptions in dress based on legal obligations
  • To resolve violations of the company dress code

Course Outline:

  • Reasons to have a Dress Code
  • Your rights as an employer to establish a dress code as a condition of employment
  • What to include in your dress code 
  • Defining business, business casual and casual
  • Professionalism: customer contact positions
  • Morale and respect among coworkers
  • Safety: office and manufacturing positions 
  • Uniforms and logo wear
  • Piercings, tattoos and hair
  • Perfume and cologne
  • Hygiene
  • Cultural and religious considerations and other exceptions
  • Younger generation's preference for informality
  • When companies have been taken to court about "dress": discrimination cases related to sex or gender, religion, or race
  • When dress makes a positive or negative impact on performance
  • Designing a policy which corresponds to your business 

Target Audience:

  • Chief Human Resource Officers
  • HR Directors and Managers
  • Employment Managers
  • Line Managers
  • Training Directors
  • Auditors
  • Executive Team Members
  • Business Owners
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Speaker: Marna Hayden, Human Resources

Marna Hayden is founder and president of Hayden Resources Inc., a consulting firm that specializes in providing management and human resources services to small and mid-size businesses and nonprofits, and specialized services and training to larger organizations. She has thirty + years in the field of human resources and has held senior offices in the banking, retail, and service industries as well as serving as an adjunct faculty member at several colleges and universities. She is certified as a senior professional in human resources (SPHR) and SHRM-SCP.

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