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Biagio Sciacca

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During unforeseen disruptions, your company may experience a dramatic increase or decrease in business. If you’re experiencing the latter, this doesn't have to mean completely abandoning all projects, but rather is a unique opportunity to recalibrate, optimize, and emerge stronger than before. It's a chance to start over, reengineer processes and implement technologies that will allow you to not only recover but also be more lean, agile, and profitable on the other side of this crisis.

With the right tools at hand, you can use this time to capitalize on the specific opportunity and create a forward-thinking strategy to stabilize and potentially grow your business.

How can your business use HR technology to create an infrastructure to allow you to scale your company back up to success?


In this webinar, our speaker will discuss:

  • Actionable insights to strategically and practically build a forward-thinking business strategy 
  • The importance of having easily adaptable and accessible technology during business transitions
  • Finding opportunities and value in every environment
  • How the right human capital management technology can help you to build processes that allow you to build back up


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Speaker: Biagio Sciacca,

Professor Biagio Sciacca, known to his friends as Bill, has one passion; it is to assist organizations in having its employees become as excited about the company’s mission and goals as the executives who designed them. His presentations are solidly backed research presented in a dynamic, readily accessible, and easily discernible format that is conducive for any level of your organization, from boardroom to boiler room.

The information, delivered in a captivating, informative, and vibrant fashion, will reenergize your workforce, revitalize your corporate culture, and reinvigorate the dedication to your company’s vision and mission. Bill’s philosophy on presenting his information is simple.

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