Enhance Your Communication: Aligned Assertive Communication

Rebecca Staton-Reinstein, Ph.D

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We’ve seen it (and participated in it) many times: We’re discussing something important and suddenly people are getting excited, raising voices, dropping out or going at it aggressively. Any hope of a solution disappears. People dig in, quit listening, and slug it out verbally. What’s happening? How do we prevent these damaging exchanges? Conflict is a natural part of communication especially during change. As you work with others, conflict arises because people care about results and want to influence them. Conflict is neither to be feared nor avoided. Our job is to manage conflict in a productive, proactive way, resolve conflict where possible, and create a resolution everyone commits to carrying out. None of us meets this challenge every time. Learn fundamental communication approaches to transform destructive conflict into constructive conflict resolution.

Course Objective:

For too many discussions, even in well-functioning teams, conflict often gets out of hand. Some people join the fray and are ready to battle on, looking for ways to destroy their opposition. Others enjoy playing the "devil's advocate" and carry the conflict on too long with no resolution. Others simply drop out of these debates. None of these approaches helps the team come to a decision that works. Consensus is lost in the chaos and teams may resort to voting which still leaves winners and losers. Learning to engage in passionate and productive discussions is the key to successful resolution. Aligned Assertive Communication provides the key to healthy disagreement and finding a solution that works for the team.

As a result of this webinar you will be able to:

·         Use the biological roots of conflict constructively

·         Recognize conflict heading for debate rather than dialogue

·         Prevent destructive conflict through Aligned Assertive communication

·         Master communication approaches that move people into exploring alternatives

·         Facilitate difficult discussions, conversations, and interactions effectively

·         Intervene when conflict deteriorates into confrontation, confusion, and acrimony

Course Outline: 

·         What are the origins of destructive conflict in humans?

·         How does the amygdala affect even simple differences of opinion?

·         Understanding the role of the fight or flight mechanism in communication

·         Transforming aggression into assertion and passivity into aligned conversation

·         The value of inclusive and conditional language

·         Avoiding the one word which derails any statement

·         Adapting aligned assertive communication to any situation

·         Avoiding or managing an Amygdala Hijacking

·         Using William Bridges' model of conflict to improve any discussion

·         Using Lencioni's model of functional and dysfunctional teams in your situation

·         Continuously improving your aligned assertive communication skills.

Target Audience:

·         Managers at every level

·         Team leaders

·         Project Managers

·         Individual Contributors

·         Aspiring leaders

Instructor Profile:

Rebecca Staton-Reinstein, PhD, and president of Advantage Leadership, Inc. works with leaders around the world who want engaged employees to increase bottom-line results and delight customers through strategic planning, culture change, and team development. Rebecca has contributed to organizational success as a manager and executive. As a consultant she uses her proven ability to mentor leaders through major change, working with them to craft customized, successful solutions to complex business issues in all economic sectors. She has consulted to and been honored by organizations on four continents. She is the author of several books on strategic planning and strategic leadership, holds a PhD in organizational development, and is a Legacy Professional Member of the National Speakers Association.

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Speaker: Rebecca Staton-Reinstein, Ph.D,

Rebecca Staton-Reinstein, Ph.D. and president of Advantage Leadership, Inc., works with companies around the world that want strategic leaders and engaged employees to increase bottom- and top-line results and delight customers. You achieve your goals through strategic planning and leadership, management, team, and organizational development. Draw on her proven ability to mentor you through major change, working with you to craft customized, successful solutions to your complex business issues in all economic sectors. Our mission is your success. Rebecca is the author of Success Planning: A 'How-To' Guide for Strategic Planning, Conventional Wisdom: How Today's Leaders Plan, Perform, and Progress Like the Founding Fathers, and the forthcoming Washington's Shadow: How Leaders Cast a Long Shadow and Create a Strong Culture. She has contributed improved organizational value as a leader, manager, keynoter, educator, and consultant honored by organizations on four continents. Rebecca is a Ph.D. in organizational development, MBTI Master Practitioner, a National Speakers Association Professional Member, and St. Petersburg Engineering Academy Foreign Member.

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