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The only thing constant today is change and with regards to document retention privacy, laws, regulations are changing all of the time. You need to be diligent to know-how, and if, your current policy is affected by these changes.

Retention and management of records are more complicated than just deciding what to keep and for how long. In what form should records be kept? Should we keep more than what the regulations require? If so, what? What about possible litigation needs? Examiner expectations must be met, of course, but other parties, such as law enforcement, auditors, and those representing your employees may require access to information, as well.

To manage an effective program in a cost-effective manner, compliance professionals must rely on information from a broad range of resources within the organization. Records management is the point of convergence of these resources, which is why effective and reliable records management must be part of your Compliance Program.

Course Objective

In this session, we will be discussing important tips for business records retention, the finer points of an effective management policy, and how to make that policy work for your organization. You will learn:

  • Specific tips for business records retention practices that both strengthen your process and standardize your records management program
  • How to plan for worst case scenarios
  • Developing records retention schedules
  • The key elements of a security assessment of your plan

Course Outline

  • Retention basics: What should you keep and for how long?
  • What about HIPAA and medical records?
  • What is Personally Identifiable Information (PII)?
  • Privacy laws: What is the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act and why should I care?
  • How do I protect myself, my business, and how do I get started?
  • Electronic records retention, promises and problems

Target Audience

Anyone involved in the creation, management, and destruction of information and records will benefit from the knowledge and information shared in this session
  • Compliance officers
  • Auditors
  • Information Security and Management
  • IT personnel
  • Senior management
  • Operations professionals
  • Human Resource professionals, and others with a vested interest to ensure a cost-effective and comprehensive records management program.
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