Creating a Payroll Manual Putting Your Procedures into Writing

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Payroll is no exception to the influence of technology. Payroll departments everywhere are being tasked to do more payroll tasks with fewer resources and by leveraging the power of technology. Today, the day to day payroll tasks are getting taken care of with greater ease. Better documented processes are required and expected from payroll professionals so new employees can be trained or backup employees can have the tools to keep processes going when subject matter experts are out of the office. A well-documented process is instrumental in the continued improvement of processes.

Course Objectives:

This webinar will provide you with the tools to create an effectively functional document processes and as well as help to evaluate that the documentation can be used for process improvements in the future as well. This webinar will give you access to a basic template for writing procedures. It will also help you learn what tools to use to determine proper documentation. It will teach you how to collect metrics and benchmark your documented processes. This session will show you why process documentation is the first step in process improvement.

Course Outline:

• Payroll best practices – how they have evolved

• Discuss in detail different types of industry benchmarks

• Step by step process on how to start a benchmarking program for your department

• Learn the difference between process based and data based benchmarking

• Learn how to determine best in class practices

• Learn how to determine what processes to measure and when

• What are silo’s and how they hurt your business

• Details of different types of data collection methods

• The importance of customers in your benchmarking program

• Different types of customers to evaluate in your process improvement program

• Process documentation and how to properly complete it

• What tools to use to make sure process documentation is complete

What You Get:

• Training Materials

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Who Will Benefit:

• Payroll Departments

• Human Resources Departments

• Accounting Departments

• Controllers

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