Anti-Black Racism in the Workplace. What are your legal duties?

Gregory Powell
Sep 25, 2020 - 01:00 PM
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This is a technical analysis of human rights laws about harassment and discrimination against the employees’ skin color.

·         Human rights characteristic: Colour of the Skin

·         Preventing discrimination and harassment in the workplac


With the Black Lives Matter movement gaining space in politicians and businesses’ agendas, it is important to understand your legal duties and be prepared to speak about this very important topic with your employees.  



·         Workplace policies

·         Human Rights 

·         Employees relations 

·         Discrimination 

·         Harassment

·         Black Lives Matter


·         Employment Agreement managers

·         Human Resources managers

·         Human resources professionals (Employees Relations)

·         Marketing professionals

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Sep 25, 2020 - 01:00 PM

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Speaker: Gregory Powell,

Gregory Powell, Esquire, has practiced labor and employment law for 25 years, including working as a hearing officer and attorney for the National Labor Relations Board for almost fourteen years. He graduated law school from the University of Wisconsin in 1994, where he focused on Labor and Employment law; he earned a Masters in Divinity from Regent University’s School of Divinity, focusing on Life Coaching and Practical Theology; he earned a Masters of Fine Art from the University of Alabama in Creative Writing: he is both a published poet and his plays have been staged by repertory companies around the country. He graduated from Morehouse College with a degree in journalism. He tours the country delivering one-day and two-day seminars to public and private companies, concerning topics like Hostile Work Environment, Work Place Violence, Mastering a Captive Audience Meeting during a Union Drive, Discrimination, Corporate Downsizing, Retaliation, Effective Performance Improvement Plans, Life Coaching, and Negligent Retention. He is available for a seminar at your facility

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