Data governance in Health IT - What you need to know

Chris Hobson

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This webinar will discuss how an assurance model of trusted computing that considers all risks to data, including privacy, security, availability, integrity, safety, compliance and quality - delivers maximum long - term positive impact to the success of your organization.

Why Should You Attend:

Understanding and establishing data governance is a critical step to managing any Information Technology project; it’s even more important to establish sound governance across the entire enterprise and with business partners. The key outcome is that end users can trust the data and use it with confidence for their purposes, that there is a single, trusted source of truth for any data used across the enterprise. Without high quality consistent use of data, it is not possible to derive value from it. Analytics, decision support and other specific applications depending on data are all at risk if the data is not subject to best governance practices.

Experience from a range of industries (including Healthcare) shows that other negative impacts include customer dissatisfaction, increased operational cost, less effective decision-making and a reduced ability to make and execute effective strategy. Poor data quality hurts employee morale, breeds organizational mistrust, and makes it more difficult to align the enterprise.

In the healthcare domain, data governance is imperative because of the unique characteristics of health data, because poor data quality causes an immediate safety issue. Failure to attend to safety issues places organizations at risk of litigation.

Recent trends include increased regulations such as GPDR which allows for fines of up to $22 million or four percent of the offender’s worldwide turnover, whichever is the higher, for misuse of data relating to European citizens.

The goal of data governance is to ensure the quality, availability, integrity, security, and usability of data within and across an entire organization. This session will outline in detail the steps that need to be taken to ensure both project and long - term enterprise success by implementing strong data governance measures.

Areas Covered in the Webinar:

Strategic considerations:

  • Understand the major areas of impact from poor data quality and poor governance in healthcare including
    • Safety
    • Privacy
    • Security
    • Compliance

Technical considerations:

  • Understand the technical aspects of data governance and how they combine to give a holistic perspective across the organization
    • Data quality
    • Data Availability
    • Data integrity
    • Metadata management
    • Data integration
    • Data consistency

Compliance considerations:

  • Impact of major regulations including
    • HIPAA
    • GDPR
    • FDA
    • DCB 0129 / DCB 0160 in the UK

Technology and business trends:

  • Understand the impact of newer trends in technology and business including
    • User access to self service solutions
    • New regulations
    • Data governance life cycle and continuous updating
    • Alignment with organizational strategy
    • Cloud computing
    • FHIR APIs

Who Will Benefit:

The following professionals from the Health Care, Healthcare IT, Privacy and security:

  • C- level Executives
  • Strategic roles including Chief Strategy Officer, Chief Innovation Officer
  • Data Governance Executives
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Speaker: Chris Hobson, Chief Medical Officer, Orion Health

Dr. Chris Hobson, MD MBA is the Chief Medical Officer and chief privacy Officer with Orion Health. He had key areas of responsibility for the clinical direction of Orion Health products and solutions, and ensures the protection of patient safety and privacy in everything Orion Health does. He is a primary care practitioner and internist certified in healthcare informatics. He has extensive international clinical, technical and policy-level expertise, drawing from his background successfully developing and implementing health information technology globally. He is a regular presenter at industry events internationally; in addition to his responsibilities for patient safety and privacy, he has active interests in care coordination, population health and disease management.

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