Identity Theft Fraud - How to Work with Your Investigation

Richard E. Cascarino, MBA, CIA, CISM, CFE

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In this webinar learn strategies and techniques which can be used to identify and investigate potential perpetrators and examine internal vulnerabilities that may increase opportunities for fraud in your institution. You will explore due diligence and "know-your-client" processes and learn how to apply these concepts to mitigate risks. You will discover how data analytics can be used as both a preventive and investigative tool.

Why Should You Attend:

In today’s world, fraud investigations have become an everyday part of corporate life and the auditor must gain expertise in this area.The webinar covers such issues as the tasks of the fraud auditor, Forensic techniques and tools and the abilities required of the fraud auditor, the type and nature of common frauds, investigating fraud, computer fraud and control, white collar crime, the auditor in court.

Learning objectives :

  • Identify the concepts underlining Fraud and Forensic Accounting
  • Define the essential components of Fraud Detection
  • Comprehend the overall structure of IT Fraud Investigation
  • Understand the methodologies of Investigating by Computer
  • Identify, obtain and preserve Digital Evidence

Areas Covered in the Webinar:

  • Basic Concepts of Fraud, Anti-Fraud Mindset
  • Asset Misappropriation, Corruption and False Representations
  • Financial Statements
  • Fraud and Forensic Accounting in a Digital Environment
  • Cyber-crime
  • Forensic and Litigation Advisory Services
  • Computer-based tools and techniques
  • Digital Evidence

Who Will Benefit:

  • Bankers and financiers
  • Directors and business development executives from the corporate world
  • Accountants and Lawyers
  • Bank and Financial Institution Auditors,
  • Audit Directors and Audit Managers;
  • External Auditors
  • Bank and Financial Institution Accountants
  • Fraud Investigators and Members of Special Investigations Units
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Speaker: Richard E. Cascarino, MBA, CIA, CISM, CFE,

Richard is well known in international auditing circles as one of the most knowledgeable practitioners in the field, Richard is principal of Richard Cascarino & Associates, a highly successful audit training and consultancy company. He is a regular speaker to National and International conferences and has presented Webinars throughout Africa, Europe, the Middle East and the USA. Richard is a Past President of the Institute of Internal Auditors in South Africa, was the founding Regional Director of the Southern African Region of the IIA-Inc and is a member of ISACA and the American Institute of Certified Fraud Examiners (South African Chapter). Richard was a member of the Audit Committee of the Department of Public Enterprises in South Africa and chairman of the Audit Committee of Gauteng cluster 2 (Premier's office, Shared Services and Health). He is also a visiting Lecturer at the University of the Witwatersrand, author of the book “Internal Auditing - an Integrated Approach”, published by Juta Publishing. In addition, he is the author of the "Auditor's Guide to Information Systems Auditing" and “Corporate Fraud and Internal Control: A Framework for Prevention” published by Wiley Publishing He is a contributor to “QFinance – the Ultimate Resource” published by Bloomsbury Publishing.

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