Effective and Proactive Strategic Risk Management - A Vital Element to Achieve Effective Enterprise-wide Governance, Risk Management and Compliance (GRC) Programs

Javier Kuong

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Learn an effective approach to practice risk management process that is proactive, strategic and top-down in nature to anticipate, avoid and mitigate potential losses from threats and risks that are present in the real world regardless of any organization’s wishes.

Why Should You Attend:

This 120-minute course provides a new top-down, enterprise-wide, strategic level approach to risk management. The approach discussed would enable delegates to modernize and enhance their organizations’ current approach to risk management that is most likely in need of improvement to cope with the more complex global threat environment.

The participants will gain a very clear understanding of modern risk management thinking and how such would facilitate the development and practice of enterprise Governance, Risk management and Compliance programs (GRC) programs that are linked to meeting enterprise business objectives. This is vitally needed to practice sound corporate and IT governance to reduce company exposure and increase profitability

Learning Objectives:

  • Review the deficiencies of past and present approaches and methods for conceiving and designing governance provisions, internal controls and security safeguards.
  • Learn a modern approach to practice enterprise-wide risk management
  • Learn how important it is to link the development of governance and control measures to the presence of threats and risks.
  • Lear how to organize to conceive and implement effective strategic risk management
  • Learn that all governance, controls and security safeguards are intended to response to threats and risks to safeguard business objectives
  • Learn that risk reduction programs are intended to facilitate the accomplishment of enterprise goals objectives to achieve the company’s mission statement.

Areas Covered in the Webinar:

  • A review of the empirical ways by which governance and controls practices have been developed and implemented in the past and which are unsuitable to deal with today’s business environment pointing out the deficiencies.
  • A review of risk analysis principles and definition of terms (Vulnerabilities, threats, Risks, Exposure, Control and governance objectives, Control and security solutions to mitigate the impact of threats and risks
  • The difference between strategic and tactical and operational risk management
  • A structured, approach to think in terms of proactive and strategic risk management to guide the development and implementation of sound GRC governance programs
  • Discuss the need for new tools and techniques for strategic risk management, such as Montecarlo simulation and scenario building
  • How to think in terms of a set of control strategies to prevent, minimize or mitigate risk and loss exposure
  • Question and answer period to resolve any question that participants may have

Who Will Benefit:

  • Corporate and IT Governance Officers, Chief Compliance Officer (CCOs), CFOs, Chief Risk Officers (CROs)
  • Audit executives, chief auditors, internal auditors, IT auditors
  • External or independent auditors, CPAs
  • IT executives, CIOs, systems and datacenter professionals
  • Chief Security Officers (CSOs), Chief Technology Officers (CTOs)
  • Security and control professionals
  • System Quality Assurance and Standards Development professionals
  • Technology acquisition team leaders and staff
  • Technology Assessors
  • Management Consultants
  • Any User Department Manager responsible for risk management and development of safety and security practices and controls
  • Legal officers
  • Procurement and Contracting professionals
  • Governance, Risk Management and Compliance (GRC) Professionals
  • Any professional Interested in or dealing with top-down governance, internal control and security practices
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Speaker: Javier Kuong,

Javier F. Kuong is the President and Principal Consultant of Management Advisory Services & Publications (MASP), an organization that for over 30 years has been devoted solely to consulting, training, publications, research and development in Enterprise and IT Governance, Compliance, Auditing, Risk Management, Security, and Business Continuity Planning on a global basis. His previous experience includes positions as CIO/IT Director, Senior Manager for a major four CPA firm, Consulting and Management training in the areas of his expertise. He is the author of 40 books and treatises, including 3 books on Sarbanes-Oxley compliance, GRC, IT Governance, and Internal Controls for SMBs (Small and Medium size businesses). He is also the editor of COM-SAC, Computer Security, Auditing & Control and CPR-J Contingency Planning & Recovery Journal. He has lectured in all regions of the world in Conferences, seminars and for many independent Professional Training Institutes and Professional Associations. He is the recipient of the New England ISACA Chapter.

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