VIRUSES IN FOOD: Risk Management Practices (comprehensive overview)

Ben Marandi

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Understanding how virus can affect the food supply chain either directly or indirectly has significant impact on the food security particularly if the virus cause pandemic. It is important note that risk management can only be done once the risk assessment is completed.  This is the reason most of the emerging viruses should be monitored, particularly when new problems arise, in an effort to assess the potential for foodborne transmission. When the information about transmission methods are not complete the only possible solution is application of precautionary principles.

Why Should you attend:

Most of the food industry will be puzzled how to react to any epidemic or in worst case pandemic issue and how this could affect their supply chain either backward or forward in the chain. A clear risk management policy resolves the issue in very efficient way. We will discuss some of the powerful risk management has already been applied in past for virus outbreak.

Areas to be Covered:

·         Increase  awareness of the potential for transmission by infected food handlers; optimize and

·         standardize methods for detection of foodborne viruses and foodborne disease

·         outbreaks;

·         enhance laboratory-based surveillance to detect large common-source

·         outbreaks at an early stage; develop quality control measures specifically for virus

·         control;

·         take into consideration the role of viruses as foodborne pathogens in the

·         development of HACCP plans; inform consumers of the risks presented by foodborne

·         Trade aspects of commodities of concern

·         Challenges of risk management

·         Options of Risk Management

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Speaker: Ben Marandi,

Ben, owner and Managing Director of BSD Group is a food professional consultant. He has solid understanding of food and beverage industry with good knowledge of food and beverage product development and compliance. He has two main focus for his clients. First to make sure that regulatory compliance for its clients in the North America, European communities, and GCC countries. Secondly, he provides market research for companies planning to export their products to overseas markets. This provides one shop station for clients who plan to go countries with no knowledge of markets, competition and regulations. He understand the importance of regulatory compliance for companies which plan to sell or export their products to these markets. Ben has 20 years of experience in food and beverage industry, with 12 years' international experience as senior advisor to Codex Alimentarius and European Commission. Ben's main expertise is in product development, food laws and food additives regulations, food safety, market research, international trade and nutrition, food law and regulations of Canada, US (FDA , FSMA) , EU and Codex Alimentarius.

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