FDA NLEA Regulation for Retail and Foodservice Labeling An Overview Of Current Regulation and Pending Regulations

Natasha Rowley-Phipps
Feb 5, 2020 - 01:00 PM EDT
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The laws that regulate food labeling have been updated and changed drastically in recent years since the original regulations were written. It is important to keep up with the changes to ensure compliance. The number one cause of food product recalls is improper labeling. These recalls are expensive for food manufacturers in actual cost with brand loyalty and loss of potential sales being the larger and sometimes unrealized cost. Understanding food labeling requirements is the first step in prevention of labeling issues

Course Objective

Attendees will leave with knowledge of the topic, resources within the government websites, and reference presentation to use. This webinar will give you a clear understanding about Allergen labeling, gluten free regulation,claims, labeling change and labeling requirements.

Course Outline

Attendees will gain knowledge and understanding:

  • When labeling or other regulated information is required for food labeling.
  • How to present the information and where to present it.
  • Claims and support of these claims.
  • Allergen labeling and gluten free regulation.
  • History of regulation and the impact to consumers and food companies.
  • Approaching food labeling requirements as a compromise between regulatory and marketing.
  • Proposed sugar labeling change.

Target Audience

  •   Corporate or facility regulatory personnel.
  •   Quality assurance personnel. 
  •   Legal risk management personnel within food manufacturers or restaurant companies.

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Feb 5, 2020 - 01:00 PM EDT

Duration: 90 Minutes

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Speaker: Natasha Rowley-Phipps,

Natasha Rowley-Phipps has had more than 18 years of experience in food quality, nutrition labeling, manufacturing and research. Natasha graduated from Kansas State University receiving her B.S. in Bakery Science Management with further studies in a masters program of Cereal Chemistry. Early in her career she held positions within the USDA Grain Marketing Research Center and AIB International, collecting and analyzing research data. Her career focus then progressed into restaurant quality assurance with several top QSRs. During this time her primary responsibilities were nutrition labeling, vendor audit programs, and restaurant food safety management. After this she took a position within manufacturing quality with a top gluten free producer of baked products. Her responsibilities within this role included retail product labeling, developing all quality and safety programs, analytical laboratory management, and sanitation program management.

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