Next Generation Risk Management: Effects of COVID-19 on ERM

Daniel Clark

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This is the first webinar, and the only one to date, that introduces new concepts that enhance risk management. Risk profiling, different than risk assessment, is a necessary tool for businesses today. It is more complete, more holistic and more efficient. 

Arguably, the ability of a business to respond to events has proven much more valuable than the ability to predict, or one could say, not predict, risk events. Should ERM focus on response more than prediction? We should at least ask the question.

How do AI and Data Robots play a part in the new generation of risk management? And finally, Governance, which plays a big role in response, should be strong so how do we know our governance programs are effective?

Explore these topics from a somewhat radical but progressive perspective.


Why should you attend?

COVID-19 has prompted, and will prompt, analysis of many aspects of governments, society and business. So, this may be the time to revisit the risk management processes we have established in our businesses and confirm that they are adequate.  I do not think that they are and what COVID-19 has done is highlight some inherent weaknesses of present processes.  That does not mean that the current process is bad but rather just incomplete. It is the ideal time to recognize the gaps and address them on the go forward. As risk management continues to evolve we should be part of that evolution and this Webinar may very well start the conversation.


Description of the topic:

Emerging from the COVID pandemic will require resilience and creativity. Enhancing risk management processes will be key to success for many of our businesses. This webinar focuses on the change to Risk Management that will position risk managers well for the future.

There will be discussions centered on Governance, the often over looked principle of risk management that is the base of success. Explore with the presenter what governance actually looks like, why it is important and how we can master its implementation.

Discover why the ability to respond to risk events may be even more important than the ability to predict them. As the environment continues to move at a rapid pace, success for business depends more and more on their ability to recognize and respond to risk events. Learn how to do that while supporting strategic decisions and growing the business.

Better understand the impact of information and data on the day-to-day for risk managers. Not just having access tom but being able to discriminate between the data we need and the data that is juts “nice to have” will help us streamline processes but also mitigate the chances of becoming paralyzed by too much data.

Finally, welcome the idea of risk profiling the next generation of risk assessment. This new tool will enhance ones ability to manage the risk impacting us after the pandemic.

Areas Covered in the Session:

·         Understand the meaning of G.R.I.P

·         Learn details of a strong Governance Program

·         Discover the value of data robots and AI in risk management processes

·         Build on how to excel and responding to risk events

·         Confirm the role of risk assessment and see why profiling is better

·         Examine the value of Risk Profiling for businesses


Who will benefit:

Chief Audit Executives

Chief Risk Officers

Risk Managers


Senior Auditors

Senior Management

Operations Officers

Members of the Board of Directors

Chief Executive Officers


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Speaker: Daniel Clark, SVP General Auditor, Washington Trust Bank

Daniel Clark has over 30 years’ experience in the financial services industry. Beginning his career in 1982 and spending over 25 years within Citibank, he was exposed to national and international banking, primarily focusing on consumer, small business and retirement services. During his last 12 years at Citibank, he was an active leader in the audit and risk review department. His audit and risk career at Citibank culminated when he resided in Miami and Mexico City and was responsible for auditing all consumer banking activities in Latin America, including the largest bank in Mexico, Banamex. After leaving Citibank, Mr. Clark has held senior audit positions in First Union (Director of Consumer Bank Auditing), USAA (Chief Auditor), Sterling Financial Services (Chief Auditor), and GE Capital (Director of Professional Practices, Director of Americas Audit and Interim Chief Auditor).

Mr. Clark is active in the IIA and the RMA and is a published contributor to industry practice. Presently, he holds two certifications, is a strong advocate of progressive risk based audit processes and is creator of

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