Identifying and Managing Emerging Strategic and Operational Risks and Using Data Analytics to Change a Business Model

Daniel Clark

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Operational Risk Management is tasked with recognizing and managing day- o-day risks as well as keeping their eye on emerging events.  How to recognize any emerging risk can be difficult. What to do when a risk is emerging or has just recently emerged is even more difficult yet. The key may not be to predict what is going to happen but instead to be excellent at recognizing quickly when risks have emerged and then to react appropriately.

Strategic risk is seldom discussed among management. Operational plans, budgets and business models are substituted for strategy and that means that perhaps our strategic decisions are not as sound as they might be.  Emerging from the recent pandemic will tax all of our organization in the area of strategy so the more we understand strategic risk the better we will be positioned for success.

Through the use of a real case study based webinar we focus on how a company was stuck at a certain level of production. Then, as a group of auditors analyzed available data certain process and management gaps began to surface. Once recognized and addressed the business made a significant turn around and became profitable again. The use of data analytics is key to success for any organization.


Why should you attend?

There is lots of data available today but sometimes we just don’t know how to look at it.  This webinar will help you discern the data necessary for decision making and help you aggregate disparate data together to bring success to your organization. Regardless if you are in audit, risk management or operations and management, the ability to analyze data and use it properly will set you apart from you competitors.

Further, creating an understanding of how to react to emerging events, or even to fluid situations, can easily provide an institution with a competitive edge. This webinar will explore just how to recognize events that could impact an organization and provide guidance on the right level of reaction to any event. Streamlining reaction processes so that responsible parties are aware and included is a key to managing emerging risk. This webinar will help define what that process should look like.


Description of the topic:

This webinar combines operational and strategic risk management principles together. These two risks are intertwined and through our discussions we will gain an understanding of the unique relationship between the two. More importantly we will discuss each individual risk in depth so that the differences are explored before we unite them in our management approach to controlling risks. In addition to the focus on these two risk families, we add the value of data analytics. Through the use of a case study we can see how easy it is to apply practical behaviors to our analysis that will enhance the process. The ultimate result will be more impactful analysis and more meaningful resolutions developed to address risk events impacting our business.


Areas Covered in the Session:

·         Recognizing data,

·         Aggregating data,

·         Strategy techniques based on data analysis,

·         How to bring it al together,

·         How to improve results through proper data analysis.

·         How to recognize emerging risks,

·         Best ways to quantify their impact,

·         Create tools to monitor and provide insights via reporting to senior management and the Board of Directors.

·         Specifically, we will discuss techniques for recognizing risks:

·         Discuss ways to determine which are those risks that should be reacted to quickly; understand methods utilized to develop a rapid response


Who will benefit:

Chief Audit Executives

Chief Risk Officers

Risk Managers


Senior Auditors

Senior Management

Operations Officers

Members of the Board of Directors

Chief Executive Officers

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Speaker: Daniel Clark, SVP General Auditor, Washington Trust Bank

Daniel Clark has over 30 years’ experience in the financial services industry. Beginning his career in 1982 and spending over 25 years within Citibank, he was exposed to national and international banking, primarily focusing on consumer, small business and retirement services. During his last 12 years at Citibank, he was an active leader in the audit and risk review department. His audit and risk career at Citibank culminated when he resided in Miami and Mexico City and was responsible for auditing all consumer banking activities in Latin America, including the largest bank in Mexico, Banamex. After leaving Citibank, Mr. Clark has held senior audit positions in First Union (Director of Consumer Bank Auditing), USAA (Chief Auditor), Sterling Financial Services (Chief Auditor), and GE Capital (Director of Professional Practices, Director of Americas Audit and Interim Chief Auditor).

Mr. Clark is active in the IIA and the RMA and is a published contributor to industry practice. Presently, he holds two certifications, is a strong advocate of progressive risk based audit processes and is creator of

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