How to Value Your Private Company ? - Methods, Measures, And Management

Jack Bensimon

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This webinar will discuss ways to value your private company using easy to implement methods and tools that don’t require advanced training or resources. We will be covering areas and measures that will be key to raising capital among shareholders and other financiers.

Why Should You Attend:

Private companies, unlike public companies, are not liquid and don’t have a public market value that is readily available.

When presenting to investors to raise capital for a private company, the issue of valuation is top-of-mind for most investors. Getting this piece wrong can be very costly for companies as investors are unlikely to invest if they don’t see a defensible path to your valuation and its sensibility.

  • Which assumptions need to be identified?
  • What are the key metrics that form part of the valuation?
  • How to use unaudited financial statements to arrive at key estimates of value?
  • How do we use comparative multiples to aid in the estimate of value?
  • What is the role of industry and SWOT analysis in assisting the value estimate?
  • What are some ways to best present value estimates to various types of investors?
  • How do you ensure your value estimate is both defensible and reasonable under the scrutiny of an investor?
  • Which format is the best way to present information on your company valuation?

Privately-held companies are faced seeking to raise capital and this means they need to place a value on what their company is worth. This is a very subjective task that can often require very specific skills of an accountant or business valuator.

This webinar will discuss methods and tools that can be used without the need of a third-party expert such as an accountant, investment banker, of business valuator. Instead, we use tested methods to arrive at a meaningful estimate and measure of a firm’s value and backup to support it.

All attendees will learn methods and tools to show investors and other financiers how the values were arrived at and the reasonableness of the numbers. Investors want to see a defensible basis behind the assumptions and figures to increase the prospect of raising the amount of capital your private firm needs.

 Areas Covered in the Webinar:

  • The key formulas to be used and applied
  • Ratio analysis simplified
  • The use of valuation premiums and when to use them
  • Using the cap table to assist in valuation
  • Using pro formas that will not alienate potential investors
  • Using selective areas of financial statements to convince investors of the value estimate
  • Adding qualitative factors to assist and supplement the valuation
  • Using public company comparables to lend support to the valuation

Who Will Benefit:

Founders, legal, compliance staff, Chief Compliance Officers, Chief Operations Officer, Chief Technology Officers, Chief Financial Officer, Chair of board, director of board, Audit Committee member, Chief Executive Officer

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Speaker: Jack Bensimon,

Jack is a seasoned securities law / banking law professional in the securities industry. Through Black Swan Diagnostics Inc., he advises banks, broker-dealers, fixed income dealers, MSBs, ATS, regulators, trust and insurance companies, Portfolio Managers, Exempt Market Dealers, Investment Fund Managers, mutual fund dealers, energy companies, fintech companies, robo advisers, software providers, blockchain companies, cannabis platforms and issuers. He has registered various entities with the SEC, OSC/IIROC, spanning PM/IFM/EMD licenses. He also provides ongoing and interim CCO/CAMLO regulatory compliance services to different types of regulated financial entities.

Jack is a graduate of the University of Toronto, Faculty of Law, Master of Laws (LLM) in Business Law, and completed both his General LLM and Securities Law LLM at Osgoode Hall Law School, York University. Jack is also a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania, The Wharton School of Business, in a graduate program in investment management. He completed his B.A. (Hon), Economics/Math, University of Toronto.

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