Developing Risk Models for AML and BSA Monitoring Programs

Warren R. Markowitz

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Risk models provide an unbiased, empirical method to establish a risk score for a customer. In short, a risk model allows one to mathematically identify how risky a customer is without the biased emotional attachment that comes from relationships. With a defined model, an institution can take into account a multitude of factors and develop a method of ranking its business so that it can concentrate its AML/BSA efforts where they are needed.

With the growth of automated AML/BSA systems, and an increase in government oversight, restrictions and concerns, this program is designed to assist the AML Officer, Compliance Professional , Legal and or operational team member in understanding the factors that can be used to develop a model and their implications.

A Risk Model plays a key role in the AML/BSA monitoring program, and the methods used in its development and its application provide a basis for further action. Regardless of the # of customers, areas of concern, geographic operations or size of transaction, a developed model or models provide a solid grounding in the fulfillment of ones AML/BSA responsibilities.

Course Objective

Understanding the benefits and applications of a Risk Model in an AML/BSA program and the necessary and effective use of Risk Models.

Course Outline

  • What is a Risk Model and Its Purpose?
  • What can a Risk Model Do? What can’t it do?
  • Existing Risk Model, or factor rules/regs
  • How to develop a Risk Model
    • What do I need
    • What can I live without
    • Why does this all look so confusing?
  • Testing a Risk Model
  • Do I need more than 1 Risk Model, or the Flat Model Approach?
  • Documenting and Re-evaluating the Process and Resulting Model

Target Audience

  • Risk and Compliance Management.
  • AML/BSA Officers 
  • Consultants in the AML/BSA Industry
  • Developers of AML/BSA software 
  • Regulatory Compliance Associates and Managers
  • Banks
  • Credit Unions
  • Domestic/International Financial Services Companies
  • Brokerage/Insurance Companies

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Speaker: Warren R. Markowitz,

Warren R. Markowitz, is an attorney, consultant and experienced compliance officer. His background and experiences have placed him in the middle of the US Financial Markets since 1994. Mr. Markowitz provides hands on advisory services to domestic and international institutional service providers in their dealings with federal and state oversight authorities and self-regulatory organizations. As a lawyer and an advisor he provides his services through several consulting and technology advisory firms that he has worked with over the past two decades. His experience with regulatory bodies has enabled him to represent his clients and provide them with real world references and perspective when resolving pre-existing issues and avoiding new ones. Because of his experiences, he approaches each task as a chance to advance the needs and opportunities of his clients.

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