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David Sanders

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Controllers Job has/ is changing: You knowing the numbers inside and out, isn’t enough anymore.

Get skills to effectively meet the increasing demands of the controller’s role by attending this webinar!

Not only has the controller’s role evolved significantly in companies of all sizes in the last few years but the demands of the job are changing. To stay effective as a controller and add greater value to the organization, you must be aware of how your job functions are changing with today’s increasing demands. That means taking a closer look at the hats every controller must wear: auditor, custodian; analyst; business partner, business advisory, cost accountant, budget, number cruncher, management accountant, revenue-stream manager and bean counter. But no pressure, right! All while keeping your sanity!

This course will help new and experienced controllers in small, medium, and large organizations recognize these changes. You’ll discover how to improve your effectiveness in the different areas such as strategic, tactical, operational, financial, and regulatory risk.

As a successful controller you need to know more than just cash flow and budgeting; you also need to know organization behavior, leadership skills, operations management, business cycle economics, and managerial finance.

Those are a lot of hats for one person to wear. If you’re not 100% confident that you’re comfortable in your work and that you’re completely up to date on the latest strategies and best practices, then you won’t want to miss this webinar!.

This webinar will teach you how to keep your finger on the financial pulse of your organization for a more accurate understanding of your organizational well-being!

What participants will learn:

  • Understand the expanded role of the controller that is critical in today’s volatile environment
  • Effectively communicate with others within the organization
  • Understanding the role of the controller in the planning cycle, forecasting and strategic planning
  • Manage and protect assets by establishing, monitoring, and enforcing internal controls
  • Understanding the mysterious art of forecasting
  • Understanding the major phases of budgeting
  • The most important budgeting decision: are you going to do it from the top down or the bottom up?
  • Evaluating and developing the capital budget
  • The importance of written policies and procedures
  • Identify and get rid of documentation that is not needed record retention
  • Documenting the important processes and procedures
  • Identify the objectives and responsibility for internal controls
  • Understand the various types of fraud
  • Understanding and managing the objectives and activities of internal audits
  • The most important keys to prioritizing and managing your time

Who Will Benefit from this Webinar:

  • CFO
  • Controllers
  • Managers
  • Internal Auditors
  • Supervisors, Team Leaders
  • Employees
  • Any one who wanted to develop goals
  • New and experienced controllers
  • Anyone who wishes to increase or refresh their knowledge of these areas.
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Speaker: David Sanders, President, Sanders and Sullivan Consulting

David Sanders is considered one of the world’s leading experts in accounting, finance, business consulting, payroll, budgeting, collections, personal income taxes, business taxes, business set up, sales and use taxes, internal controls, inventory management, cycle counting, record keeping and vendor/supplier management. He has conducted approximately 10,100 training sessions, including public seminars, on-sites, company training, chambers of commerce trainings, colleges, videos, CDs and webinars worldwide.

Mr. Sanders is called upon nationally and internationally for his SOX training abilities and to perform, walk through interim testing for core financial processes such as internal controls, fraud detection, internal controls, financial reporting, revenue, inventory, and expenditure testing.

The author of four acclaimed books and over 28 seminar workbooks and numerous webinars, he has a talent for breaking things down into easy to understand steps that can be implemented immediately. He was an endorsed local provider for the Dave Ramsey Show covering the greater Cincinnati and Northern KY area.

Mr. Sanders has a wealth of experience to share that is supported by impeccable financial credentials including over 38 years’ experience in the financial industry. He holds numerous degrees including accounting, business administration and finance. His experience includes accounting manager, corporate controller, CFO, government tax auditor, business consultant, and senior partner with various accounting/ tax/ auditing firms nationally.

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